Ohio Casinos Preparing To Hire Thousands Of Workers

December 26, 2011 – 5:19 am

The Cleveland Horseshoe Casino voiced applications are being agreed for at least 750 jobs, according to the Plain Dealer. Positions in 40 gaming and liberality fields offer medical, dental and health insurance together with a 401(k) early retirement outline and fee reimbursement. Parent firm Rock Ohio Caesars is moreover gap a casino in Cincinnati, according to the Associated Press. Casino jobs will moreover be existing at new gaming services in Columbus and Toledo.

Ohioans common their thoughts on the flourishing gaming attention in the state around email, present messaging, Twitter and in-person interviews.

* “There will be thousands of people submitting an application the casino jobs, but it is a great step in the correct citation is to Ohio economy. The jobs offer great pay and benefits, something that has not happened on a considerable scale in the state for years. The casino and shale training jobs will obtain Ohio on a durability trail to prosperity.” — Phil Martin, tiny business owner, Cleveland.

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* “I would not wish to work in a casino, but the liberality aspect of the new attention will open up a lot of jobs for people who have been lerned in the service industry. People are so unfortunate for jobs, we know that the line will be long to spin in applications. Even even though not everybody will obtain hired, we am cheerful for those who do and will be able to beginning earning a paycheck again.” — Nina Stewart, road house receptionist, Columbus.

* “Not usually are the jobs great for Ohioans who obtain hired, but for everybody by the taxation income generated. Local communities nearby the casinos will moreover experience an enlarge in business and help them to keep their doors open. we am blissful the casinos are getting shut to gap and assisting Ohioans consequence a living.” — Randy Keller, building worker, Albany.

* “I do not regard we must be offer Ohioans a luck to obtain dependant and remove more of their money. The usually great thing about the casinos are the luck to obtain allowance from the high-rollers who should be profitable more in taxes anyway. The salary for workers will not be wherever nearby what has been promised.” — Rashawna Eastman, Ohio State University connoisseur student, Columbus.

* “People who live inside of 40 miles of the programmed casinos have been watchful for this day for a long time. The jobs offer living salary and benefits that will help keep their family groups healthy. Notice of employing or even an talk will be superb headlines for a great many Ohio families.” — Mildred Perkins , late nurse, Jackson.

* “The jobs are great, we just hope that the casinos do not enlarge crime in our cities. The people who live in the suburbs and out in the nation do not noticed that the apprehension and recklessness of who live in city areas. we am blissful the casino jobs enclosed safety guards and hope the taxes from the gaming help our local military departments keep all in check.” — Bill Lewis, street performer, Cleveland.


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